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This page presents the different steps to create Aplusix Web exercises using EpsilonWriter.

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Downloading and launching EpsilonWriter

To create your Aplusix exercises, download the free EpsilonWriter editor.
Unzip the archive and run the program according to the website guidelines.
Once EpsilonWriter opened, select "New" then "Aplusix" in the "File" menu.
To create Aplusix resources, you will indicate general details about the content and then providr the content itself: different exercises grouped by phases.
Generating functions allow creating exercises automatically.

General details about the Aplusix resource

The Aplusix resource is build from a table that defines its characteristics and content.
General details define the characteristics of the resource that allow its identification and description.
Setting the number of phases allows, in particular, to set different kind of exercises in the same resource.

Phases et Exercises

An Aplusix resource is divided in phases. Each phase as a unique type of exercises.
The possible types of exercises are: Calculate, Factor, Expand and simplify, Solve (equation, inequality or system).
You can use several phases to combine different types of exercises.
You can force the order of the phases or ask to randomly mix the exercises.
The initial expression of each exercise has to be added in the definition of the phase.
By creating lots of exercises and fixing a small number of exercises for each phase, the student will get differents exercises when reusing the resource.

Automatic generation.

To easily create lots of exercises quickly, EpsilonWriter has some available tools to generate them automatically.
You can build your own models of expression or equation with parameters
You can add some constraints on the parameters or on the generated expression The automatic generation enables the production of lots of execises and thus ease the random renewing of exercises for a given resource.

Publish (sharing with everybody on the Web)

epsilon-publi.net is a free website to publish resources. To publish your Aplusix resources on epsilon-publi, you have to register: epsilon-publi.net
Once registered, you can connect from EpsilonWriter to the epsilon-publi.net server.
This server offers a dedicated space to publish your resources. You can save your Aplusix resource in this space with the menu "Web/Web save (Aplusix)". Then you just have to communicate the link to share and disseminate your Aplusix resources.

Register on epsilon-publi.net

  The Aristod company, which developed these tools, ceased its activities in April 2019, due to the very low interest that these tools have generated.
  Jean-Francois Nicaud, the main author of these tools, keeps them available to users on this website for a few years.

  Contact: jeanfrancois dot nicaud at laposte dot net